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It is a voluntary association of men.
It is a system of moral conduct.
It is a way of life.
It is a fraternal society.
It is religious in its character
It teaches the Golden Rule.
It seeks to make good men better men.
It teaches morality through symbolism.
It is based on a firm belief in the Fatherhood of God, the Brotherhood of Man, and the Immortality of the Soul.


In the Lodge, at opening, at closing, and in the hour of initiation. No Mason ever enters upon any great or important undertaking without invoking the aid of Deity. And he ends his prayer with the old phrase, “So Mote It Be.” Which is another way of saying: “The Will Of God Be Done.” Or, whatever be the answer of God to his prayer: “So Be It - because it is wise and right”.

The place of Prayer in Masonry is vital and profound. As a man enters the Lodge as an initiate, prayer is offered for him, to God, in whom he puts his trust. Later, in a crisis of his initiation, he must pray for himself, orally or mentally as his heart may elect. It is not just a ceremony; it is basic in the faith and spirit of Masonry.


  • If I want to join, what is the process?

    You must seek out a Mason and ask him. You will then be given a petition. Once you have submitted your petition Lodge members will visit you, vote on your application and inform you of the result. If accepted, you will receive further instructions.

  • What are degrees?

    Degrees are similar to a multi-act play, in which you play a key part by your attendance and your heartfelt desire to become a Mason. Degrees teach very beautiful lessons using a system of symbols and allegories. There is never any hazing or poor taste in the degrees. They are majestic and the Masons who work hard to exemplify the degress never demean them.

  • Will I know what to do?

    Your Lodge will consult with you in selecting a mentor who will assist you through the degrees and for your introductory period into the Lodge and Freemasonry. The mentor can be any Mason. Your mentor will be proficient in his duties, and will be your guide throughout the process.

  • What do I have to bring?

    Your Lodge will communicate to you any special requirements that they may have prior to your taking the degrees. Every Lodge has an Initiation fee and your Lodge will notify you the amount that you must bring to your First Degree. By now you have already met Brothers from your Lodge, been balloted upon and elected to membership. You now need to witness and participate in the degrees themselves.

  • What does it cost?

    Every Lodge has a different fee structure. You must inquire about the fees and dues costs at the Lodge you wish to join. They will be only too happy to inform you!

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