January 2016

Dear Brother,

Landmarks are those physical places by which we may determine where we are. Landmarks are also used to direct our travels much like a ship setting its course at sea. The ship’s heading into the emptiness of the ocean seeks a landfall. If the ship’s master has set a true course and attended the myriad problems of navigation, the master will reach his intended landfall or landmark.

We as Masons are also much like a ship’s master setting his course. Though it may be similar, there is one subtle difference. We Masons are not seeking a defined physical place – a landmark. We Masons embark upon a voyage seeking not a landmark but the light of eternal wisdom and knowledge. This voyage has no landmark to reach, for man is always making new discoveries. Therefore, we Masons have set a course knowing full well we will never reach a landmark in our mortal life. It is only through our belief in a Supreme Being and immortality whereby we may reach our intended landmark. Thomas A. Thurber

Junior Warden


January 2016

The Open Grave:

The Open Grave is a symbol that helps reveal to Masons the Union Between the Individual Soul and the Mystery of the center. At the center of every Masonic soul buried an immorral principle-a vital spark that links him to the Divine Center. It is never extinguished, no matter how evil or imperfect his life may be. The lost light for which all Masons search is buried at the center of his own body and can reach out from the center of his body. These are symbolic indications by which the ritual suggests that the grave of Hiram Abif is to be found at the center of every Mason who represents him.

This symbolism guides a Mason to the knowledge that the purpose of initiation is to reveal the union between the individual soul and the mystery of the Center. This union represented by the familiar conjunction of the Square and the Compasses. The Square is the emblem of the Soul, and the compasses are the emblem of the spirit that dwells in that Soul. As we have seen, the mason first sees the points of the compasses concealed behind the Square, and as he progresses, those points emerge from concealment until both rise above the Square. This symbolizes a progressivesubordination of the Soul and the corresponding release of the inner spirit into the personal consciousness of the mind. In this way, a Mason can work with both points of the compasses to become an efficient builder of his Spirit and thus render complete the circle of his own being as he attains Conscious Alliance with his True Self.~ ~ MASONIC SYMBOLS BY ROBERT LOMAS~ ~

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